Emergency Pet Care Planning!

Do your dogs have a mealtime routine? Are your cats a bit quirky about their little box location and type of litter? Is your bird scared of certain color clothing? What if something happened to you? Is there someone who knows everything you would want them to know about taking care of your beloved pets? Do you have written documents describing your pet’s day to day care? Is there funding set aside to pay for their food and medical care?

We have just posted a power point presentation on Piglet’s website that addresses these questions and more. pigletmindset.org With the current worsening health crisis, we really don’t know who will become ill and who’s pets will need care from others. Please visit pigletmindset.org. Go to the last page and look for the Emergency Pet Care power point. It will take a few minutes to download. The info is valuable and the presentation is chock full of cute pictures and videos to lighten the mood. We hope this type of precaution won’t be necessary for anyone, but the reality is that it is an important issue to address now. Email pinkpigletpuppy@gmail.com with questions. I’m hoping the presentation will be accessible to everyone. If there are technical issues, please let me know. Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Stay Home! And if you do go out, keep a 10 foot distance between you and others! Oh, and wash your hands!! .


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